06 July 2006


Living in Africa

I love Africa, it is in my blood.
However living here poses questions from time to time.

Morogoro where I live is very very poor.
This was a thriving town once but socialism has dealt it a near death blow.

The grain mill in the middle of the town.

The grain being gathered up after drying in the sun during the day.

The foreman saw me taking pictures and walked accross the grain to come and chat to me.

Of course the EU or some Developed Country has given this country aid and there is a Ministry Of Health living of that aid.
It is a dilemma, to know when to offer supplimental aid, and when to pull back. I do wonder what will happen when the Gates Foundation starts its programs of global aid. Sometimes, man's most sincere effort is a step in the wrong direction, causing more damage. We will live to see it.
We, and I include myself, are creating a beggar mentality.
I work in Africa mostly on donor funded projects.
Until these countries are told to get onto their problems and solve it, before they get more aid, there is very little hope.
Hey Kees ... just been reading through all your posts, and thinking back on your comments to me, and I gotta say, you are one sweet, silly, and adorably funny guy ... and please, feel free to intrude upon my grief anytime you want ... it makes me feel so *not* alone in the world ... I appreciate it. You're very kind ...
Thanks Erica,
I am glad that you are back.
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