04 July 2006


Lake Malawi

The lake is a freshwater lake in the Rift valley.

I love boats, fishing by the locals.

The most common fishing vessel is the dugout.

Scene's like this are common.

This is at Cape Maclear.

The local Malawian's are kind and gentle.
The lake is more than 700m deep. The bottom of the lake is below sea level.
Four or so years ago Pumpkin and I spent 2 weeks living in a small cottage 20 meters from the shore.
I would love to stay in that cottage, and take a glide in the dugout canoe. However, these days, it would cost a fortune.
Once you are here it would cost peanuts and it is truly the most beautiful place on earth.
Except Zimbabwe and Uganda.
Tanzania comes in at about 7th.
Pumpkin advises me that the time we spent there was 3 not 2 weeks.
It went so fast
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