07 July 2006


Know your Kees 3 (I think)


I have been able to hoodwink about 64 peple per day over a perid of 82 days to red (lok at) my crp.
Are you peple bord shitless?

After the joks I wll tell you about my attitude to life.

Personally, I find your posts very interesting; of course we are about the same age (I think I am a little bit oldere). I have always enjoyed looking at things from a different cultural viewpoint.
Thanks Bob.
I do believe that you are as old as the woman you feel.
You are truly a neanderthal or should i say, cromagnon man. Love you, Beloved. The Cats'Mother
Gotdam! I sure am glad that acidman found this place and linked it...especially now he has gone. Now I know there is at least still oneother person on this earth that is as nutty as me.
Consider me happily hoodwinked.
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