01 July 2006


I like, more for me

Lisa's dad offers this.

I had this on the table.

Catfish said in my comments on this.....

I had fresh grouper last night and I made a low country boil today, I boil cajun seasonings with sausage, onions, fresh white corn, potatoes and fresh Georgia wild shrimp.

I guess Catfish and I will have to invite G and the boys to our next "bug" meal, Lisa will decline.

A gentleman can only screw and drink. Indeed.

So should I pack G and the boys up and but enough postage on them to make it to Africa?
You will have to send Catfish too.
Screw eating those bugs. I'd rather go shopping or eat some of Catfish's cooking.
We smoke our fish sometimes. I love all seafoods and fruits. I quess I could have been born some place else, other than the USA, Cat
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