16 July 2006


The growth of the human spirit

In a rare sense of honesty and human spirit I am now including the following code in my post's:
: vd = vol dop.
: od = one dop.
: nd = sober.

If I feel the readers have to know i will lett thhemm know OKK, in code.

Please go and read Cajun about hunting.
That should realy make his counter go haywire.

If in the 1930's you shot a elephant like Paul Thesiger did here...

... you called in the locals, they will very quickly reduce the bulk of your kill to protein.

Today you pose for the same shot (pun intended) and.....

... call in the locals, good quality sun dried protein.


They are wearing more clothes and more colourful clothes, that's growth, I suppose.

If you want to do that now it will cost you USD 25,000 so that will also pay for some preservation so that you grandchild can enjoy the same privilege.

That is a bit of growth.

Looks like jerky?
It is yerky, we call it "Biltong"
However if we use beef or kudu or eland or any other big animal we only dry it a bit so that it is still soft to eat.

Elephant except for the trunk and the feet is ROUGH meat and very dry.
Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas.

What he was doing in my pajamas, I'll never know.

(Groucho Marx, Animal Crackers)
So true,
You are a thinker nevermaaind a stinker or heaven forbid a linker.
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