21 July 2006


Diet & suffering

This is a stolen pic.
This is where I stole it from.

During the great war the Brits, grit their teeth and stuck it out.

According to my reporter, Misty, in the UK this is what they are eating at the moment, if they can get it, of course.
Please send photo's of leftovers and cat & dog food to our brave correspondent.

On a related matter: Too late: I will survive somehow:

This is what I get as return fire.

These Brits are fighting a clean fight, that is why we now have to give up.
The bomber pilot is Misty.

You didn't see this pic then, did you? ;)

Believe it or not, Misty's tea-time treat inspired me to make caramel rolls today. I must run now and photograph them, before they are et' by my revolving-door kids. None of them live at home, but oddly, they always show up when I make them....
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