04 July 2006


David Niven

In his book, Bring on the empty horses, David Niven quotes a non English speaking director fuming "You think I know Fuck Nothing, well I will tell you, I know Fuck All"

Well KeesKennis knows Fuck Nothing of URLS, code, script, (>??A<), or such shit.

Tonight I lost the counter that I had by trying to insert something else.

While talking about stupidity I might as well confess that until about a month ago I thought that Marcus was the naughty site of Ellison.
My apologies to both these gentlemen.
We might have to add likker to my reason for thinking thus.
My comments could have been very baffling.

With Marcus now competing with Vman on the sidebar pic's I will not make that mistake anymore.

I wonder if Elisson is planning to compete.
The ladies are waiting with baited breath.
Come on Kees, when are YOU going to get in on the action????
Show us some "kees-cake"...:)
Actually, Marcus and I met for the first time in Austin April 30. We could pass for brothers...at least, what with our tropical shirts and cigars...

I already bared my Undraped Torso on my blog...check the archives.
Oh shit I will have to undress, get ready to vomit.
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