11 July 2006


The Croc Stakes

Swamp Musings found me most probably through Guyk and then he used a picture that I posted here.
Pineyflatwoodsgirl left a comment at his site and I got to her site and found this picture below.

This is one mama of a aligator/croc, in Florida.

All I can say that everybody should be careful where they fish.

This is what Africa can offer.

This thing could eat whatever it wanted to.

Bonita should visit the site as both of them love paddling.
That sumbitch looks like he has been feeding on slow natives
I think that is why he was killed in the end, by the faster ones.
What about that smallish one in your backyard.
That thing is CRAZY big! So glad I'm living in a COLD country!!!
Looks like quite the adventure on the Wacissa and the Aucilla. Wonder how that seaweed gets used....fertilizer?
Watch my next post.

I think she says somewhere that he ties it in bundles of 4 strings.
It is used by healers, quacks, witchdocters and various scalp artists.
I just keep a little gator around to keep the cats out of the rose beds.
That first picture of the alligator is from a very old urban legend email that went around the internet quite a while back. It was accompanied by the following picture of rattlesnakes:


THAT is the stuff of nightmares.
Ladies and gentleman...I have RESPECT for alligators. I do not intend to die being eaten by an alligator! well, er, uh, maybe by a swamp rat, though....heh heh
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