28 July 2006


Blogging in Africa

This is not a diary it is a blog.
I will never put up a post that says "Sorry I am to busy to blog"
But I have to say this.
I live in Africa by choice.
Here we have more power failures in a month than the USA and Europe together has in two years.
Still I stay here, Why?
I love this place, aish.
I earn more money and house, transport, insurance, water and elictricity is free.
It cost's very little to live.
Did I mention that I love it here.

So when I don't comment, even on a post that give's me a (your blog)lanche, please bear with me.

The planets have to be in perfect alignment.
The power at my computer must be good, the power at the place where my radio sender is must be good, the power where my office is must be good, the power where my provider is must be good, Blogger must be behaving.
Sometimes I try to enter somebody's comments 5 or six times to no avail.
And sometimes when it is all happening I am fast asleep, or drunk.

I am NOT Moaning, I'm just stating some facts.

As a reward for listening to my crap, here is an incredible picture of the immigration in the Masai Mara.

Photo By Václav Šilha

Having an opposing thumb and a working brain and patience makes him very good.

If Amadeus was alive he would write a movement about this.

Stare at this picture until your'e "cotton picking" brain gets around it, amen.

Now go and read Whittle's first chapter of the Web Of Trust.
Good things come to those who wait.
Your blog is definitly worth the wait.
From the pictures you have shown us I can't say I blame you for living in Africa out of choice. It is a beautiful place in places.
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