28 July 2006


African reporter

I have added African Safari to my blogroll.
It is written by a man that has been on African soil for a long time.
He's a Brit but his love for this continent shines thru and he is not wearing rose tinted glasses.

On 15 June 2006 he posted
" You have to laugh ...

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has taken most things away from his people – jobs, food, schools, health and rights but try as he might, he can't destroy a wonderful sense of humour. And how they laugh - mostly at him ...

Last month, as inflation passed through the 1000 percent mark they went into overdrive texting each other anti-Mugabe jokes. More than a few focused on the latest bank notes and toilet paper ...

His goons were furious, but powerless. One of the greatest gifts modern technology has brought to Africa is an end to censorship. Old dinosaurs like Mugabe hate it. They can’t control emails and SMSing like they can rig elections or seize offending publications at airports. Mobile telephony has done more to empower poor Africans than years of wasted development aid ..."

Here in the blogosphere we engourage new blogs, so get his sitemeter ticking.
Ha Ha Haw.


Link now fixed

My ego in the post just upstairs got in in the way and inserted MY url in front of that of African Safari
Kees, dear, I'm unable to acquire a link. It says, "The requested URL was not found on this server." Thats OK. I have good faith that you will keep us informed.
Same here..he might have been censered by google who has been know to do that on occasion. Then again maybe Mugube locked him up.
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