05 June 2006


Wrong or not?

It all depends on your outlook on life and from where you look.

The second photo disgust's me by the way they treat Uncle Willem and Auntie Elsie on the pavement.

First they came for the hyena's ...........

These photos have been floating around for a year or more I got them from here and here.
I wasn't aware that hyenas could be tamed; are they safe, or are they like the large cats, which may act nice for a bit, and then they take your head off for some obscure reason or other?
They are wild animals and can never be tamed. They will turn on you when you least expect it.
It is in their nature.
Like the big cats; can be somewhat tamed, but never domesticated.
They'd make a helluva watchdog; I can just imagine what would go through a burglar's mind to come face-to-face with one of those scary buggers in the dark, armed with nothing but a flashlight and a swag-bag.
Snakes tame better for that.
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