10 June 2006


What would you do?

About 3 years ago I was working in Mozambique and living just outside Maputu.
Senior Pumkin, while driving around without KeesKennis bought a......

.... skilpad (tortoise) about 1/3 the size of this guy photographed by Cats.

She bought it from someone next to the road where it was tethered by its hind leg.
"I felt so sorry for him there in the blazing sun"
I told her that she is helping the trade in wild animals.
If nobody buys, there is no market.
I looked up on the internet to find a wild, de-mined area and drove about 20 kmm to set Skillie free.
Yep. You did the right thing. I never liked to keep a wild animal in captivity except maybe to raise it so I could turn it loose. I will not shoot anything I will not eat (except people) and I release fish that I am not planning on eating. I am no tree hugging bunny rabbit kissing environmentalist but I do believe that we have an obligation to live and let live except when we need it for food.
Good for you.

We have a red eared slider turtle because my husband found it trying to cross a busy street. We have no clue where it came from. I've seen a few in the man made lakes in our sub division, but I will not turn it loose there. People fish and I've heard them talk about catching the turtles. I don't want "speedy" getting mangled with a fish hook, so she lives in my back yard with her own pool.
Yes if they save in captivity it is better than unsafe in the "wild"
A cousin of mine have had a tortoise in her backyard for 20 + years now. It comes when called.
It takes a little time though.
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