29 June 2006


What do you think?

The local story on the Island of Pemba is that the palm got hit by lightning when it was small.
It takes a palm about 35 years to grow to this size. All things considered I think bullshit. Nobody here can read or write.

I think witchery is involved.


The poor thing was fed with pig manure compost.
This tree had an itch.
Heyyyyyyy! I probably wasn't even born when that thing started going hay wire!
Cat's Mother says: I think it got shoved into a MRI machine and all that just-about-incessant torture chamber knocking, banging, clicking and whirring made it go screwy in forty five minutes. Yes, forty five minutes not four to five (flat)as moi thought the Indian Technician/Specialist/Dr - whatever - said! Um, sorry for you, palm... but never mind, you're reaching for the sky.
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