03 June 2006


Vuurvliegies - Fireflies - Lightning bugs

Of course they also come in wriggly worm packages.

Libby calls them "lightning bugs" as in,
"Meanwhile, the lightning bugs have arrived. I saw a few this evening and I expect it should be pretty magical out in the front yard in about a week. I wonder about lightning bugs. They seem to have such a short season. They never last the whole summer. Maybe the tree frogs eat them. They seem to arrive together and the frog population grows but the bugs disappear."


We were an ordinary family.....


preparing to go to bed in mosquito territory when we got some good advice.....

Photo from Cats

Go to bed under a certain bush and wait for darkness.

Then when the sun sets, you get up and silently crawl to another bush.

We were bitten by the mossies until we moved, heaven.

Then Kees's gggrandson said, after seeing a firefly, "Ow shit pappa they are looking for us with lantern's now"

LOL. That kid has a great future in blogging....
HaHaHa! Too cute!
Hello. And Bye.
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