28 June 2006


Talk - The man could - and did

Rob and I met late in his life, he was not shy.

Below is all the AcidSpeak that he directed my me.
Not very Acid at All.

Just damn! I thought rednecks were native ONLY in the Deep South of the USA.


I would call you a smart-ass; however, I prefer to avoid name-calling.


If I didn't know better, I would think that I smell a SPAMMER around here.

Where is a hungry lion when you NEED one???


I dunno, man. If your wimmen look like THAT, I want no part of 'em.

I would rather take my chances with a red-assed baboon.


Yeah. Have fun, ya bastid! Just because I'm old, skinny, balding, decrepit, falling apart and... and... what was I gonna say???... oh YEAH--- SENILE, too, doesn't mean that you should pick on me.

But you DO post some really good pitchers.


Yeah, I agree. But sometimes... mama's can be wrong
about the RIGHT way to cook a steak.


Real men NEVER ask for directions--- except at a Waffle House restaurant at 3:00 in the morning when you're tired of driving (or walking) in big circles.

And even then, you just wanted a cup of coffee. The directions sorta came by accident.


Good for you.


Not fair!!! You're using pictures of wild, African animals to achieve grossness. I think that's against the rules, which I'm gonna make up some day.

Pictures of really ugly wimmen in nekkid poses are allowed. But only one picture per post. If they're pissing, that's okay. But no ca-ca photos, please.


Were I lucky or what.

Like my wife that died 10 years ago and whom I still miss, I will miss Rob many years from now.

I love the Cat's Mother and I do not yearn for my old wife, nor do I yearn for Acidman.

But I will always have a special place in my life for them.
BAHAHAHAHAHA Yep. I got some of those barbed comments myself but mostly he would just tell me I ought to be drug off someplace and shot. And once in a while all he could say was "Bite me."

He was a friend and one hell of a guy. I do wish that you could have et him in person..Rob was a different man from the barbed wit that posted on the internet although at times the wit would come out in a conversation. I miss him.
Sorry to hear about Rob, but a positive is that Maeve's boy just had his birthday - and I wished him happy happy. Just can't always get online. Love ya lots. PS watch the Cat's Mother close please. We love her... X
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