27 June 2006


Rob - RIP

He trampled over here as well and now he has marched, to his own drum, into the sunset.

How we will miss that thundering hoofbeat.
How indeed, Kees. The words are hard coming today.
He will be greatly missed.
The photo is so appropriate, Kees. He had a thunderous pace, and it sure seems quiet now. I'm glad he featured your distinctive blog on Gut Rumbles.
"How we will miss that thundering hoofbeat."

In its own quiet way, I think this is one of the most beautiful tributes to Rob that I have seen.

And the fact that it comes from half a world away is a tribute to the power of one man's words...and the technology that allows us to share them.
I'm crying.

Talk to you later.

Well said, Keesie.
I'll miss him too. I don't think he knew just how many lives he reached.

Lovely tribute KeesKennis.

Hang on in there! *hugs*
... love the photo... it is fitting...

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