03 June 2006


In honor of Fisk - whatever

Buffalo or wildebeest, Impala and some pigs all sharing.

In KeesKennis’s first fisking we take on a fun list via Denny that came via Catfish

I have now linked Catfish which is a kindred spirit, only much, much older, thank you Master.
(that will piss him of, for sure)

Now for the fisking

Let us have more sex (10) that introduces diseases at birth (9) and let men eat (8) and have sex with ailing (1) partners and eat things that (5) won’t, who cares (4) , like you didn’t vote for them (3), most people are (6) and we all need (7)

(7) is also now linked

Maybe I am having to much of the one and not enough of the other (2) or both.

What you produce and how they will vote (after they are of a brainy age, which is +- 25 to 32, depending on gender) is despite the general cry, your tuition and choice.
Damned if you ain't found the good guys! Don't miss ole Marcus and his Friday Fishing picture.
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