10 June 2006


I am now so deep under my own lack of knowledge - But WTF lets go

All my Loyal Readers, please mail this to everybody you know.

You can find the slideshow here

This took 11 hours to compile.

I was lost in Angola a while back - it took me 2 days to find my way - I did not ask anybody for directions - I wear that as a badge of honour even though I missed my flight.

Next time it will take me maybe 6 hrs and I know that part of Angola like the back of my hand.
Real men NEVER ask for directions--- except at a Waffle House restaurant at 3:00 in the morning when you're tired of driving (or walking) in big circles.

And even then, you just wanted a cup of coffee. The directions sorta came by accident.

And it takes a REAL MAN to ask for coffe at Waffle house. The stuff tastes like lion piss smells.
I will take your word for it.
He must have been desperate for coffee (directions)
In real life.
You can't smell lion piss as the stench of your'e own is so overwhelming.
That must be true for Grizzly's and other bears as well.
I will write about Lion hunting soon.
Yikes - 11 hours!!?!? Goodness gracious man! Awesome photos!
Yes ignorance has no upper limit.
I lost it, like in gone.
I loaded the wrong sizes, the wrong pictures.
The power went off, I had nothing saved.
The internet connection packed up, I had nothing saved.
I learnt a LOT.
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