16 June 2006


Hear the MOANS

From my comments:

Anonymous said...
Not fair!!! You're using pictures of wild, African animals to achieve grossness. I think that's against the rules, which I'm gonna make up some day.

Pictures of really ugly wimmen in nekkid poses are allowed. But only one picture per post. If they're pissing, that's okay. But no ca-ca photos, please.


KeesKennis said...
I agree to the terms.
Twenty paces, turn, Smile.


Who's your daddy


1 (one) (uno) (what is 1 in zapatero) picture per post.
100 words (sorry boss) minimum per post.
No ca-ca, pissing is allowed.
Ugly person's is/are allowed.

Ontwaak jy wat slaap en staan op uit die dood.
(Awake you that sleep and stand up from death)
Bible somewhere.

Let the games begin.

The voices in my head are arguing whether I have this authority.

Did somebody said this would be a fair fight?
They were wrong
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