27 June 2006


For da Man

I was, as soon as I knew how to use the color tool, when I have time, etc, etc, going to post this with Rob's picture on the stool.

The lesson is, do not wait, do not worry, do.

Trite or not.


"Yeah. Have fun, ya bastid! Just because I'm old, skinny, balding, decrepit, falling apart and... and... what was I gonna say???... oh YEAH--- SENILE, too, doesn't mean that you should pick on me.

But you DO post some really good pitchers."

And again.

I would call you a smart-ass; however, I prefer to avoid name-calling.


Rob is a man who I will miss, but I will remember him as stomping elephant with red nails.

Cheers Rob.
I'm sure he was looking over your shoulder down from heaven with a smile on his face as you fixed up those toes.
Very, very good!
I think he would have like it; though he probably would have accused you of posting "elephant p0rn"...LOL.
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