03 June 2006



In my day-job Kees's tail has been yanked and pulled and I have been very busy.

My love of nature far exceeds of my knowledge thereof.

When asked about the name of any small bird I reply, without hesitation Austrian/black/yellow/Kentucky/billed - flycatcher, and have introduced many new names to be carried forward for generations, all without the honor of being credited.

Very unselfish.

Brown Eagle.

Black/white eagle.

The flycather above made me think of this joke

A traffic cop pulled a hillbilly farmer over for speeding.
The farmer pleaded that he wasn't much over the speed limit.
But the cop continued to slowly write out the ticket.
He brushed a fly off his face.
The farmer said; That circle creepy bothering you?
The cop said; What's a circle creepy?
The farmer said; That fly - they circle a horse's backside.
The cop stopped writing, looked at the farmer, and said; Are you trying to say I'm a horse's ass?
The farmer said; Never! I have a great respect for officers of the law.
The cop carried on writing.
After a while the farmer said; But you can't fool them flies.
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