19 June 2006


Canoeing in Africa

For Bonita

The guide in the back also carries a AK 47 in a plastic bag.
Kim will tell you:
What caliber the AK 47 is.
What chambering.
What year it was made.
Where it was made.
What the magazine size is.
Accuracy within 1 yard.
Accuracy within 1000 yard's.
Whether it makes a good dance partner. (this dicey even for a man of his talents)

All he needs to know (smell the cork) is that the pitchers were taken in the Lower Zambezi National Park.


We do see other things on the shore, you do not feel like swimming.

Single file.

It helps when the river helps.
Wow. I'd be carrying an AK47, too, if I was there. That's not my style...I'd just as soon keep things tranquil, thank you.
Looks interesting, but I'd probably opt for a Mosberg and a 44 mag pistol.
In a plastic bag ??
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