11 June 2006


Blogging - the hole truth

The 3 youngsters above know nothing of computers or blogging.
I know 15 % more they do.
Even the man who does not do math with tell you that is still nothing

I really have a serious day job, that will leave little time next week, so:
: I am anticipating my 3rd month of blogging anniversary on the 17th of June 2006.
: I am celebrating 3000 hits.
: I want to thank all those that contributed.

To those who put me on their blogroll.

Cowboy Blob
Ed Monkey

You youngsters have all lighted up my heart.
If there is anybody who have me on their blogroll that I have not acknowledged, please let me know. I love you all.
My links thing in the sidebar tells me fuckall.

I will tonight rectify the typing error in my profile, I was born in 1953 not 1933.
Sorry Bonita, I realised the mistake then but carried on.
But in real life I always talk like that (Thank you young man).

And without links I would be celebrating my 50th hit and would have stopped.
That is always something to consider.

Please don't.

The spelling mistake in the heading is a male thing - do not ask.
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