04 May 2006


Where's Wally?

Right in the centre of this picture there is a kudu, similir to the ones below.
Look and find his curved horn.
When they stand still they are very difficult to spot.

What beauty.
Their horns twist 2.5 times and reach 72 inches.
They can weigh up to 300 kg (660 lbs).

A young bull
This must be one of the handsomest antelope.
A greater kudu can clear a 7 ft fence with virtualy no run-up.
I'm thinking getting poked by a "kudu" would really "hurtu"...
I have seen Kudu running free on a hugh ranch in Texas. They are pretty animals. The rancher imported them for his viewing pleasure--not for hunting.
You buy them in SA for say USD 5,000 per pair.
Then you ship them by air for about USD 45,000 per pair.
Then the USA vet service clears them of all known diseases and AIDS and Mexican heritage and Al Queda links for another say USD 25,000.
Now you let them out for every redneck to shoot.
Think again.
Texans ain't THAT Stoopid.
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