13 May 2006


The w o n d e r of learning

As a youngster I saw a steakhouse open and applauded when it opened in many countries.

It still serves a very good steak.

The theme those many moons ago was FIERCE INDIAN warriors.
And this was depicted in many woodcarvings on the walls.
This was too much for the children.

This is what now faces us when we visit this establishment.

Fake spears With feathers ?!?!

Totem Poles !!!!
Save the planet.

Salad Canyons ??

The ewomancipation gallops along.
Is this a new word or not?.

Which brings us to my post header.

The penny finally dropped.
Custer having his hair taken, why?

These guys needed it to live.
They lived in wigwams and touppees.
So simple and elegant.
I have missed the truth for many, many moons.
I am very embarrassed.

This is a hairshirt that I will have to bear.

If you need to know more about a hairshirt ask this man.
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