29 May 2006


Violin lessons

This is a violin bridge

This is a violin showing the bridge and the strings.

The notes as represented by the strings.

All this to tell you KeesKennis is tone deaf, and he cannot sing at all.

Not that this stops him at all - ed
He even performs at poetry evenings -ed
Stunned SILENCES everywhere - ed
Disgrace - ed

Nevertheless, KeesKennis's beloved Mother and Father, in family tradition, sent the firstborn boy, like the sisters' preceding him, for music lessons.

I started with Piano and got chucked out.





I ended with Mr. Osche, a violin teacher.

With my Dad in tow we went for another lesson.

Of all the questions Mr. Osche asked me, I got this one right.

Oshce: How do you play G & E together.

KeesKennis: Oh that is easy, you turn the bow upside down and go underneath the strings.

Dad: Thank you Mr. Osche we will not be bothering you anymore.

As we left I heard Mr. Osche let OUT a sigh... (as dramatic as our beloved cat Babaloo, above.)

A gratuitous picture of beloved mother.
Your youngest pumpkin favors her. They have the same eyes.
I never did learn to play and instrument but I knew this girl one time who was just fantastic on the skin flute...
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