28 May 2006


Thank you Rob and others matters

A great thanks to Acidman for linking to one of my great posts
Does that statement make you think...."humility?..., no I actualy only do deep sea fishing.

I have lived long enough to to tell the difference ......

Thank you for The last one Speaks for linking me under ......

Drunks & Poets

Dax Montana
Kee's Kennis
Straight White Guy
Mr. Sun
Seldom Sober

I am honoured.

Gut Rumbles is one step higher under



Please email me if you link me.
My understanding of the software that is supposed to tell me such thing's is shorter than my er....er nose.

Photo by Vearl
Aman was in drunks and poets but I moved him when he went sober as a sort of tribute to the moment. I think I'm going to move him back so I can keep all you crazy guys together. Easier to scan the blogroll that way.

Thanks so much for all the beach pix. How cool you have beaches with both colors of water. It reminds me of the Laguna de Siete Colores in the Yucatan.
Yeah Libby has me listed as leans to the right--well, sometimes but mostly to the libertarian right.
Guy you are a poet but I also didn't put you in drunks and poets cause you're sober. You're right that you belong in swingers at least though. I think I may just redo it altogether one of these days and put all you wild rednecks into the same place.

Maybe I'll overcome my inertia while I'm off this week. For some reason I hate working on the template. I always end up screwing something simple up and spending hours trying to figure out where the typo is.
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