19 May 2006


Tarentaal - Guinea fowl - Recipe blogging.

I was reading about bow hunting when I came about an article which had a recipe for Guinea fowl.
Now Kees would never lie - would he?

This is what a Guinea fowl looks like.

"This must be the hardest animal on the planet to get properly on film....!!! These ugly creatures are always running around in panic, which makes no sense at all... Although you see hundreds of them, we wasted quite some film to get a picture of this stupid bird...(By the way it's called a helmeted guineafowl, in Afrikaans a "tarentaal")"
(Kruger NP, South Africa 1999)

Prehistoric or what?

I am now completely lost.(KK does not know where one picture starts or end)(I am such a dimwit if you mix me up with this stuff)

The other pictures of guinea fowl comes from here.

The photo of the hunter and the recipe below comes from here.

This caught my eye.

"My guinea fowl recipe

Well, so I did. After skinning the bird and removing the innards, I cut it up in legs, wings and torso and placed it in a number three cast iron pot, adding water, a glass of wine and about half a cup of olive oil. I added salt and the barbecue herbs we had available. I would have added some cloves if we had any. Then I filled the pot with more water and placed it on the coals. I just adding extra coals before going to sleep. The coals probably cooled down pretty soon, since it was terribly cold at night during that weekend. The next morning I added some new coals as well as a cup of Coke and cooked it another hour, until only about a centimetre of sauce was left in the pot. Everyone tasted the bird and was much impressed.

This was one of the finest meals I had in a long time. From now on I am a guinea fowl hunter."

My bow hunting was with bamboo bows, a long time ago.

The bowman, Rean, must have shot a corn fed variety of the specie.

The tarentaal has blue/black meat.

Here is the KeesKennis Recipe for TARENTAAL.

Use sharp knife, skin, sharpen knife, gut, sharpen knife and cut up into 8 pieces.
Select 8 to ten round river pebbles, smaller than a woman's fist, clean pebbles.
Place pebbles and Tarentaal pieces in big pot and boil.
Keep heat high (boil violently) for 12 hours.
Of course you add spices and oil and butter and vineger and coke and wine and brandy and whiskey to suit.
Make Ausie hat with feathers while you wait.
Ride to Australia on your bike and give a whack where necessary, while you are waiting.
Throw recently severed tarentaal feet and head at your favourite hunting dog.
He is guaranteed to bring them back for another throw.
Stoke fire.
Stoke fire.

Let pot cool.

Chuck out tarentaal, reheat pebbles and eat.

Woof - I approve - Dapper (favourite hunting dog - ed)
Don't stop posting such stories. I love to read blogs like that. By the way add more pics :)
It was certainly interesting for me to read the post. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

Sincerely yours
Jeph Normic
Great post as for me. It would be great to read more about this topic. Thank you for giving this data.
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