05 May 2006


Stupidity, ignorance - Kill - Kill

GLOBAL (COOLING) (WARMING) CHANGE activists and proponants must just eff of and die.


I'm glad I wasn't a jackal in 1960 to 1975 in SA.
The Government of SA and the farmers and the Farmers Union spent untold and unnacounted for millions to fence all farms, areas, districts with jackal proof fencing.
What threat eminated from these Jackals, did they carry a disease or what?
NOOOO they were killers of livestock !!!!.

All the jackals, we now know, eat rats and grasshoppers and grass.
At best they would eat a dead or dying lamb.

I remember my Grand-dad telling me how he saw a whole flock of sheep decimated by jackals.

I have killed many of these anti farming animals.
"You were not pests as percieved."

We had no evidence then.
NOW on even less evidence you want me to murder my SUV.

Hey, if I wasn't a Kees, I would choose to be a Jakkals

I am quick and fast.

You lied and said you work for a major conservation mag, thats why I posed for these shots, tata.
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