09 May 2006


Something to attack with a peace sign and a bag of burritos.


This is the dimesions of a D9

This a D10 working.

The guy in the pink pants is an american from Atlanta.

This is a D10 in full party dress for the IDF.

The ball is in your court.

I met some IDF guys in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), they taught me some Yiddish, but whenever I use those words some big mean yewish person klaps me over the ear.

Yeah this is like a Sherman Tank.
Back in 1969 I got a part time job at a huge wheat farm in Montana which had about 40,000 acres under cultivation. The place had a couple of D 9s and a D 6 that they used to pull 60' wide duck foot cultivating plows. I had done some pplowing in my life up to that time but man that was sumthin else. It was summer fallowing strips that were only planted on alternat years. Some of the strips were threemiles long and 160 ft wind. Plow down one side and up the next and down the middle and move on to the next. The cats run 24 hours a day and were only shut down long enough for an oil change once a week. I never learned to do much with a blade on one but I can damn sure manuver a D9 where I want it.
That's awsome, I am a penpusher, but as soon as I got to work with - on a D9/10, I realised that any 1000 cc plus motorbike is falli'n short of POWER.
I can brag that I dug myself and a D10 into a hole once.
It took a very good opperator to rescue the D10.
Is that Rachel Corrie's arm in that pile of dirt?
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