20 May 2006


A river run's through it.

A small river runs next to my house, 15 meters away and 20 meters deep

I leaves a pleasent sound to the ears.

Most probably the reason that I have not felt the need to kill anybody these past 30 months.

Thank You River Gods.

From the other side of the river you can just see Wally House.

Sorry Guyk, I have not even tried the many pools on this river, you might be sleeping next to the river.

Fish is so plentifull here we tend to take it for granted.
Running water, waves lapping on a boat, and work all do the same thing to me--make me sleepy. I have always contended that I was not afrad of work or water because I can doze off beside either one.
Thanks Guyk

I always said I love work, I can stare at it for hours.

Did you find Wally House?
You view is waaaaay more prettier then what I have to look at every day.
I do my best to spruce up my yard and pretend that I can't see right in to my neighbor's place.
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