03 May 2006


Places to stay.

You can go to the sublime Sea Cliff Hotel with a lot of "olde" world splendour.
The view is from the more expensive rooms, about USD 200 per room for 2 for bed and breakfast.
The service is fairly good and the food is fine.

Or to a place where you have your own private lounge and the bedroom is upstairs.
Service is non existent and you can eat the food.
There is 9 "bandas" scattered around.
This is a place we call Sven's and it was run by a drunk Swedish hippie until he was deported.
It has gone downhill from then.
We have had a lot of fun at Sven's.
The first joke that he told my tree-hugging, bunny loving daughters was.
"Have you heard the joke about the baby seal that walks into a club?"

You can carry your drinks down to the river and enjoy the Ruaha river.
Cost is about USD 12 for bed and breakfast.

This is a view from the bar to the breakfast area.
It gets a bit muddy in the raining season.
I think I would like the cheaper place better providing they provide a mosquito net.
You would, so do I, why do you think I have more photo's to post.
It is only a stopover and is almost halfway between Morogoro and the Ruaha Park.

They do have a mosquito net but the temperature is low enough to discourage the little bloodsuckers.
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