16 May 2006



This should be an aim for any serious traveler (the only all year entry to the Crater.
Don't let anybody tell you otherwise, traveling in Africa is hard.
Domestic animals, wild animals.
Domestic people, wild people.
All combine to make a 200 km trip into a, 3.5 hour experience, and that is on a good road, in the rainy season add 1 hour at least.

The Crater is about 8300 sq km.
It is 500 meters down from this position to the crater floor.
We are now at about 1950 m above sea level.

It was a mountain bigger than Kilimanjaro.
This is before KeesKennis was born.

It blew its top and the settled down to form the crater.
All the ash and minerals is what keeps the Serengeti going after all these years.

Now it is is a special place.
If you live your life at the normal 100 to 120 km per hour, think of this as life at 10 km per hour.

Magic, surreal.

Olduvai Gorge where your g,g,g,g,g,grandfather started walking upright is about 120 km from here.
The ash from this crater/volcano most probably presevered his footprints for us to marvel about today.

So wear a hat. This is a serious place of respect.
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