02 May 2006


Let's see: Who can we scare?

I have said before, I am not a wordsmith, if you cannot use the symbols +, -, x, / devide or square root or power of, I am lost.
I am not dead although I wish I could write like THIS

Watch what I would do with the following pictures if I could.

(Photo's supplied by KK). Let us acknowledge those on the fringe, it is always a good thing.

This is a shot of a lone pig (warthog).
What can one say?

I would invoke the faint dust devils to left of the pig............ Rolling in the hay with Miss Tennesee (19..) comes to mind............. her dad chases me for 17 km (miles) with his tractor..........I battled thru a raging storm and crossed 3 rivers butt naked.
But I digress, the last time I had Warthog, the Hosstes, (Mrszs. Porky Kennedee), was telling the story of her Great Grandfather's, battle with the Irish (booze-ed) and about the fact that he had just OK'd the current prez for a new term.
In those days I was known by the Initials FFandW.

How can I compete?
Please HELP.
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