24 May 2006


I need help

Where KeesKennis grew up the Enlish language she is not spoke.

KeesKennis was very lucky with his choice of Mother and Father.
They were considered worse than commies, but they taught us english.

What is bothering me is this.

When English was being derived from Latin and Gaelic and others, everyting had to get a name.

So these two objects below had to be given expresive names.

How come the latter walked away with the name MORNING GLORY?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Cute monkey!
Love the monkey picture!
Well, although English has a lot of latin and gaelic dirivities it is actually a Germatic language and is closer to 'olde' german than it is latin.

But sometimes I also wonder where the names of various flora and fauna come from. Can't be that plants are always named from their looks--I can just imagine what a banana would be called or maybe even a cucumber.
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