01 May 2006


Hornicilly challenged

I am not a wordsmith.
I am not overly sensitive. (gimme that again - ed)
Yet this is a photo and title that had to be posted.
We are (I am) so (p) correct and pussyfied that I thought about "An interesting photo" for a title.

Real life won and it stays - HORNICILLY CHALLENGED - (until spellchecker prove you wrong - ed)

I have no idea what caused this in this buff.
The birds don't seem to mind.

Ernst Van Dyk (South Africa), 1:18:27, 2004 seems to have broken out of this mould.

And this SRF(c) certainly has. (you can't get that copyrighted thing right, can you - ed)

I do not know whether this speciman is male or female.

Ruaha sometime ago.
Copyright symbol is easy to do, hard to remember. © There's a useful table here.
Thanks ed, I saved that and will use it a lot.
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