07 May 2006


A flower for a sunday morning

This is what greets the eye when you leave the KeesKennis cage

We think it is called a Ginger plant

You don't have to battle to makes things grow here.
Wow, I was just taking some shots of the buds coming out on the trees out back last night. They are nothin' compared to this...
That is a pretty plant. We do have to battle the elements and the bugs to get what we WANT to grow here. The re are some planys and vermits that flourish but not many of them are very desirable..about a 1000 varieties of weeds and burrs and a couple of jillion fireants.

Which reminds me..I have to put some Seven Dust pesticide on the Pole Beans today. Somewhere i have inherited some leaf cutter catapillors that are playing hell with the bean plants.
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