22 May 2006



I have just added Twenty Major, an, so he says Irish blogger, to my roll.

I you have any sensibility at all don't click on that link.

He says: EFF

Ron Eggert

Hard and fast all the time.

You know the Brits and their derivatives, say Eff when they mean Hey...

"...jesus, a guy can't slip into a 2 day Absinthe related coma these days without endless speculation regarding his whereabouts. More tomorrow.

Time flies

May 12th 4.34pm

"Twenty! How are ya? Haven't seen you in ages!"

"Ahhh Jaysus, howya Pete. Fancy a quick pint?"

"Go on then. Just the one though, I have to be back home this evening for a party the missus is throwing."

May 13th 10.21am

*opens eyes*

Looks to me like the one on the bottom should be the one letting out a yowl
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