09 May 2006


Can't you effen read.

A Post for the Male KeesKennis supporter ('s).

This is my country.
You want the effen sign's in your language, its easy, go back.

If I sounded rude & considerate at the same time, I meant it, why don't I come over and give you a nice shave?
If I sounded consenting I did not mean it, If I sounded condescending, I meant it; however if you have a pudenda to shave, I will volunteer.
If I sounded like and old trooper killing, I meant it, Sweething will have to approve, naturally.
If I sounded like I do not need NM and if I used the right pre 1940 cartridge, I meant it.
If I sounded like a cool dude I meant it.
If I sounded like someone who Ayn Rand would support, I meant it, and Fu.k You.
IF I sounded like Shultz or Schlong I deny any connection, but for a price I will put anything on the sign in any language as long as it is nice and in american english, otherwise, Fuc.k You, or "those who have an abusive interpretation of Islam, must be wrong"
If I sounded like we had, pre 1990, still viable, but very expensive wine, I meant it, still, how much do these slackers earn per day.
Inquiring minds want to know.

I am a visitor in this country. I have no politics to play here.

Nothing to see here, move along now.
Hello Pumpkin Senior. Great blogspot and pics! I can't really understand half of what your saying cause you're speaking "keeskennis" but it all looks great.
Love Pumpkin in Cape Town
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