13 May 2006


Brooklyn Boys done good.

For the past 3 days I have been chauffeuring Mrs. KeesKennis about Dar Es Salaam, which means Port Of Peace.

Prominent in Up Town Dar is the this thriving business.

Very busy.

Also reflecting the peace.

As a very small monkey I only knew one Jew, he was the owner of the local hotel.
Mister Katzenellenbogen. (this means "cats elbow" in Dutch)
The only Mister in all all of my existence.
All the others were OOM (uncle), TANNIE (aunt), NIGGIE (cousin, female), NEEF (cousin, male).

Later on I had a Jewish friend who's house I actually visited.
I was closely questioned by my neef's and niggie's when I emerged.
Still later he asked me to attend his younger brother's Bar Mitzvah.
At the party, when asked whether I am Jewish, I replied, no I am straight.

Remember this was when gay meant happy and showing it.

I met the same older brother many years later and he was a (MY SON, THE DOCTOR) and he had so much money to make still, that I drowned.
He is still practising in SA.

Hi Ian, how about a loan?

Now ERICA has me on her blogroll ?????
Wanna hear the weirdest thing? My PCP is also a Katzenelenbogen ... Moshe Katzenelenbogen, MD, so it's kind of strange, to say the least, to have read this post. Eerily strange.
I call it digging in my grave.
It took me a while to find yhis post.
Love to all.
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