20 May 2006


Awe, Inspiration, Testorone and Wonder.

Over at Lisa's they are debating "Space", "Money", "Taxes", and more.

Basically I let the photo below speak for me while commenting there.

NASA will forgive me I am sure.
For the love of ??? I do not find a way to link to this photo on their site.

I any case this man linked it all.

Imagine having that photo on your wall and telling your grandchild, that's me.

The cost of "taming the hinterland" on three continents was far greater.
The cost of the other continents are, and will be, for a while, still be adding up.

We don't know it all, let's not stop the people who want to find more.

Why hold back the bright keesies because the beetpicker keesies cant compete?.
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