03 May 2006


Am I being BULLIED by A BIG American Blogger - You decide.

Poor me, I am trying to get some attention and risking my ALL on a sex post.
So I publish this photo below.

Cute and all.

But then within days I get a B-52 buzzing above.

"""As soon as I get the means I will pay for some fuel, please spare ME , I promise, I blogrolled you BOTH didn't I."""

PPQtwoawyaa????(All of you shitted below, don't be dismayed; however, I still love YOU) ??? aaywaowtQPP.

I am told by Blogger pundits that from P to P will not be visible to Regular Subscribers.
That will only be available to the FAITHFULL
Zero ml per tot

I did not intentionally link these creatures ahead of YOU

Then this appears on someone's blog.
Coincidence or not.

I will only appeal to the MOTHER SUPERIOR, HER verdict will be final. (basta, klaar, OK, (what is finito in MEXICAN).)

Hi, Rodge, Rodger, Schlong, Schultz, C&S keep it up.

At this stage I will not venture to call you Schultzie, as this man does.

If you need my photoshopping skills, just call.
Your Servant KK (kowtowing touching my forelock, repeat)
Those forearms in the photo foreground were actually from a scurvy victim, I fed him lots of beans.
PPQtwoawyaa???? Do you guy's think I came on strong enough about his bullying. I mean, crap his ass, don't you think ???? aaywaowtQPP.

I will report him to MonkeyWorld if he does this again.
Mother Superior is a prude ... and you can call me Schultzie
NO NO!! NOT A REPORT TO MONKEY WORLD! Just throw me in the briar patch
Hi Rodger,

I will not claim you as my blog daddy.
"thanks kiddo"
but you are one of the prime reasons I started this blog.
My wife is also a prude.

According to Erica I am allowed to wear a Pink tie.
You can too.

If I had a tie.

Thanks Schultzie
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