08 May 2006


Air Forces around the world.

With special reference to our MAN from the USAF.
I know he has been out for a while.


I served in another branch of the military. (not a peep from me).

I hear from the blogosphere, the LSM, the MSM, MGM and from everywhere!!

General Hayden will not be confirmed because he is """"airforce"""" my goodnessgraciousme.

Now GUYK, please do not involve me, but I hear saying that he is most probably full of dope, like all airforce guy's everywhere.

Tell me this is not true, please.
I figure he will do as good as anyone else running the CIA. The company seems to have a mind of its own no matter who runs it. I think the problem is we have too gotdam many itelligence agencies and not enough intelligence.
That is a problem here as well, incuding your's trully.
Except that I will never say that in public.
Go Figure.
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