18 April 2006


Can You Insure The Earth?

Below are some photos of minor flood damage to a road. The road is owned by the government of the country. The contractor was rehabilitating the road at this time. In the contractors obligations under the contract he had to insure the contract works for replacement value. The term "rehabilitating" refers to the uppermost layers of such a road.
The evidence by photo.

The insurer only paid for the reworked layers and the contractor had to argue with the client for the remainder.
This is the 7th 0,000,00(0)(update(1)) update of this post
Picture central, right, left, nowhere etc, ad nauseum. (spellcheck does not know, it wants me to write "museum")
This is my job.
Arguing with whoever is signing the cheque.
Not reposting.

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