24 September 2011


Do witches float?

Yes they do as do hummingbirds.

You see they all grow out of trees.
But with Witches there is more wood involved, in the traditional sense I mean.
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A Typical Politician

The head and the ass is interchangeable


they transformed our sun's energy into a usable energy source through photosynthesis, today, we are getting our energy from fossil fuel.
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14 September 2011


Helpimg out Jabu Da Bad

I believe people should not be allowed to vote in a Presidential election unless they can pass a simple quiz. Hell, you have to pass a test to get a drivers license, or get a concealed carry permit.

ALL who wish can fill out the meme from Yabu's site

Here is/are Keesies

1. Who is the current President of the United States, the Vice President, and which political party do they belong to?
U be so stupid is u doont no dat dat is Barack Nosign Pajama ( he being to smart to tell us when or where he was created)

2. Name the three branches of the U.S. government.
U being supa stopid hear, it is (da Taking, and Da Giving elected), and then we have de Pres to make shore they give to the right peeps, and Da jailing of da peeps dat do not give enough

3. What is the Preamble to the United States Constitution?
Pre is a nonothing word, we like to amble to the USA then we like to amble to the pay out line and then we like to amble to the hospital line but we do not like it when the cops amble when we call dem

4. What is the order of succession to the President of the United States, by office, and who currently holds these offices? First four only.
O dat is eezi
Da 1st blackish president -Michelle Clinton
Da vice precedent – Dat dude who had Client No 9 as his moniker
It is very racist to ask for 4, FUCK YOU AND YOUR RACIST ANCESTORS. Pleaes try to be civil

5. Who is your State Senator, Congressmen/women, and Governor, and which party are they members of?

6. What type of government is the United States of America?

a. Monarchy
b. Democracy
c. Republic
d. Dictatorship
e. Constitutional Republic
f. Theocracy

Know time frame given for da answer
Butt know we have the da man dat is paying my rent and my gas sio I gess dat u wont me to answer
Benificial dicktatorship

But I Gess a Constipanional Repuplic is da answer.

About here I Felled asleep

7. Who did we fight during the Revolutionary War?
Da bad okes, and dey wont be speaking Spanish.

8. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

I alledge dat she is sleeping aroun and she pledges not to do so anymo

9. What do the stars and stripes on the United States flag stand for?

57 states is da stars and we be mo dan a sargent fo sho for all dose stripes

10. How many Supreme Court Justices are there?

Da supremes is no 1 and day dont be counted

11. In which state is the U.S. Capital? (trick question)

Da Capitol, u'se being wery stupid.

12. What is significant about July, 4, 1776?

The Cat's Mother is born 184 years later

13. What are the qualifications to become the President of the United States of America?

The recent and close past "record" defies qualifications.

The Keesie guess is: Counting BACK:
44) : Half black/Half white with 100% communist ideals and 100% stupid with a good telepromter reading record and hidden records from Harvard and a fat obsessed stupid wife.
43) : Mumbling high SAT score from Harvard and Yale with a spending streak
42) : Definitions?. "Is" my dick in her mouth or "Is" it not.
41) : Read my lips
40) : The Wall is no more
93) : Beware of the rabittttt
38) : I meant to trip you asshole
37) : I meant to lie you asshole

Da rest were chosen because dey wer Male over 35 years old and dey wer born upon da shores of da good old USA and hadn't been cought wid anoder boy or girl or liftin a gal of gas (note to self) " How da fuck you get so lucky"
Cor Blimey me, yer has to be a whitey and not a chick
I'se always wanted to say this. "Suck me Hillary"

Beer is on me.
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03 September 2011


Eminent Domain

As a guy on the producing side of this world I maintain that no fucking dude can take my property for the good of those that do not produce

By force some have been taken from me.

Kelo is now a dump, ready to breed more single mothers to 7 kids


And then the highest tits in the world

Now belongs to Anna not Blanko

And who the hell said Keesie does not like sport?

Some mighty flexible ladies there...
Oh so amazing..! What a body.. So impressive...
Sincerely, your article goes to the nitty-gritty of the topic. Your pellucidity leaves me wanting to know more.
Very impressive!! Great timing
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