01 November 2009


Our new Puppy - A dog to love

Thumpy or our newest special resting after her left front leg and paw was removed from about 1.5 inches below the elbow
Brave girl.

Showing the Cat's Mothers healing crystals around the pup.

She spent five days without any medical attention until the Cat's/Dog's Mother Intervened

Or love.

She is very brave.
We hope her remaining front leg recovers from some serious trauma.
She is very loved now.

Our seven cats are not won over yet but I know the Cat's Mother better than they do, they will be.
Send some money to your local pet sanctuary right now, OK.


Congrats on the new family member. The cats will get over it...


That is what I love about you & the Cat's mother.
Your kind, generous and HUGE loving hearts.

Bless the beasts and the children.
Poor litle guy.
The Cajun is correct, the cats will get over it. Or not. Cats being cats and all.

Bless you and the Cat's Mother, Keesie. That little baby is very, very lucky. Give her a smooch between the ears from me, please.

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