21 December 2008



Keesie, your favourite gogga reporter, reporting from Fish Hoek in Cape town.
The middle Pumpkin said "Oooh Aaagh, look at that spider"

And this is what I saw.
A Spider Wasp was dragging a paralyzed spider to it's nest to store alive for her spawn to feast on when they hatch, or whatever they do.

"A favorite victim of spider wasps are huntsman spiders. These are large, hairy spiders which have a quite threatening appearance while actually being harmless. The wasp attacks the spider, stings it to paralyze it, then deposits an egg on the incapacitated arachnid. The egg hatches and the larva then feeds on the still living spider before pupating in it's silky chamber. The new spider wasp generally doesn't emerge until the following summer."

Read more here and here

Part of the inspiration for 'Alien' movie, methinks?

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