18 May 2008


Awkward Times...


In response to Mostly Cajun's post on Gay marriage...
A note to...

The ones not wanting to be educated.
The ones that love living without the rule of law.
The ones that want to leech off others.
The socialists.
The communists.
The "we are owed" crowd.
The "art is more than life" people.
The people that break tradition for the sake of breaking it.
The people that scoff at religion and its regulations, and put nothing except ridicule in its place.
The drunks and druggies and other cannot care people.
The feminists.

Your time has come and will go again.

FUCK YOU ALL, you are welcome

Until that time...
I will protect me and mine.
The timid.
The hurt.
The disabled.
The needy.

They will find sanctuary in my home, even if they come from your abuse.

In the end I am not really responding to Tanker, but to something that he stirred.


I was born in South Africa in 1953.
I am not responsible for Apartheid although I grew up right there and then.
I have thought for a long time that I have benefited from Apartheid, despite what my parents told me.
Now, in retrospect, I can say that they were correct.
My own work and work ethics, that I learnt from my parents and not from the Apartheid state schools, brought me to where I am.
Yes, the Apartheid system was wrong, and yet the communist/socialist system that replaced it is worse.
Polio amongst all people was eradicated in SA.
Malaria was curtailed in all areas.
Nobody died of hunger.
The GDP was way high.
Despite certain bad cases, more people had schooling of sorts, reading and 'rithmetic and writing, than now, although about a "billion" are schooled every year. A high school diploma carries the same weight today that a nursery paper carried then.
Everybody had access to primary health care.
The rule of law applied.

Woman and blacks were at the same level, except white women could vote at the behest of their males.

Am I proud of it?

Yet for the sake of me and mine I will, if I can, introduce a society like it with the obvious race issues not there, I am still thinking about the gender ones. (Keesie, YOU ARE FUCKED.)

I have not lived in a true democracy ever, and I don't think I ever will...because those like the EU, the USA and Australia are truly fucked up socialist states.
In the USA you only have to look at the present presidential candidates from the big parties to confirm what I feel.
In the UK a rabid left-wing Cameron is the conservative choice, god help.
In Fwance Mr. Bruni is the king, god help.

I will stay in Africa where my superior work rate and production rate makes me king. I will bribe and corrupt my way until I can carry all the arms I need and will live where I want to and I will prosper.

I might not be democratic but I am right.


The U.S. isn't as far gone as you think. The core of the U.S. is just too busy working, worshiping, and taking care of their own, as well as doing some remarkable charity work, to bother with Reuters interviews and other such fluff. Moreover, we're still, for the most part, a nation of equal justice under law. It seems impossible, given the news reports, but how often have you seen a news report in the last 50 years that was more fact than fiction? I rest my case and encourage Kees to visit Louisiana, where the best and the worst of just about everything can be found within about a 200 mile radius of wherever you are.
Ay Uaxe 05.20.08 - 5:49 pm #

Yep, I figure you are right Kees. The great republic that I fought for is slowly turning into a socialist state..I probably will not live long enough to see it decline to a third world shit hole but I do feel for my grandchildren.We do have a way of stooping the slide but I have my doubts that our voters will do it..too many have the idea that there is a free lunch
GUYK Homepage 05.18.08 - 4:52 pm #

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