28 February 2008


Throw some light

Jim didn't have anything to say yesterday so he posted this picture of his blogroom.

As I couldn't see a damn thing I played with the contrast and the lighting.
That gave me the image below.

Then I zoomed in a bit and found this.

Hey Jimbo, that is good and proper reading matter.

Never a dull moment at the house by the Parkway, I would guess.


You just be glad, Keesy, that there is a major body of water between us....

May Karma dictate that an elephant in a rotten mood fervently impale your anus with his right tusk.


Erica Homepage 02.29.08 - 3:32 am #
Kees,Man, that was farookin' cold, speaking of which that is how revenge is best served. JimboJim - PRS Homepage 02.29.08 - 3:22 am #

LOL - I love it even more now!

Can't wait to see where the hair appears in the picture now that we know what the books are.

Teresa Homepage 02.29.08 - 2:06 am #


Remind me to never get on your bad side ...

Ralphd00d Homepage 02.28.08 - 7:24 pm #

KK: We try to please. Please see Maeve in the sidebar

ROFLMAO!!! Oh my gawd Keesie, you are SO bad!

Maeve Homepage 02.28.08 - 6:22 pm #

KK: I love showing how bad I am by being good.


You realize, of course, you have awakened a sleeping giant and instilled in her a terrible resolve.

Erica Homepage 02.28.08 - 5:57 pm #

KK: Personally, Erica, I thought that that was a low blow, can't figure what he was thinking, really.


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