27 January 2008


Photoshop competition at Cowboy Blob's

For my entry in Cowboy Blob's PS competion I once again made use of our top fisherman. Thanks GuyK.

A rainy day in the Jayco. I wonder how Sweetthing copes with this kind of behaviour.
Will you please answer the following question:

"Is KeesKennis smarter than a fith grader?"




Keesie is WAAAAAAY smarter then a 5th grader!

Maeve Homepage 01.28.08 - 8:45 am #


Those fish would make for some interesting gumbo...

BobG Homepage 01.27.08 - 9:44 pm #


yeah and the hell of it I was using the wrong bait and didn't catch shit! But the next day me and the Catfish did do some shooting at paper targets..and I got pretty good with my new .45acp at about fifty feet..damn that thing will make a hole in paper. Big enough that I don't have to walk up to the target to see where I hit!Thanks for the link and the picture..wish I wuz that skinny!

GUYK Homepage 01.27.08 - 5:45 pm #

KK: You are stronger and skinnier, just ask Sweetthing.

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